Back to Basics

This published multimedia piece was made for a WVU photojournalism course.

Marlin and Neha Dehoff are both schooled and trained in neuroscience but unfortunately lost funding for both of their projects.  This led to a time of change while they adjusted to a more agrarian, local consumption lifestyle.  Marlin’s background in farming is what they turned to, teaching Neha the tricks of the trade along the way.  After being successful in providing for their home and testing recipes on their neighbors they branched out into the local farmers scene and haven’t looked back since.

I had the privilege of following their Mockingbird Hill’s Farm located in Morgantown, West Virginia for one semester.  This one acre lot of land in the heart of downtown has bloomed into a successful and well loved farm.  They offer many tantilizing temptations including specialty peppers, jams and dried flowers, along with specialty seasonal items.


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