The Old Stone House and the Service League

Another published multimedia piece from my WVU capstone class.

There is an old stone house from the late 1790s that sits quietly tucked away between a bustling PRT station, towering parking garages and a new police station.

The Old Stone House sits among the modern day downtown Morgantown.  Photo by Laura Mapel
The Old Stone House is located on 313 Chestnut Street and sits apart from the more modern downtown Morgantown structures around it. Photo by Laura Mapel
Inside the gift shop are many crafts, historic artifacts and dedicated people to help serve the community.  Photo by Laura Mapel
Inside the gift shop are many crafts, historic artifacts and dedicated people to help serve the community. Photo by Laura Mapel

Walk inside its historic walls and you will be experiencing the oldest stone dwelling in Monongalia County, West Virginia. The shop is home to crafts and handmade goods donated by local artists and the many faithful, dedicated members of the Service League of Monongalia County, one of whom is Sally Kirkpatrick. “Our mission is to support the youth and the elderly of the community and people that are in need. If an organization has the same mission as us, our membership votes on 12 of those organizations. Then those twelve will be assigned a month, we might have more than twelve now, it could be more like 15-20, they’re assigned a week. And 10 percent of our proceeds from that week – a check just gets written directly to them immediately.”   There are no paid employees of the shop, only the volunteers of the League, which has given over $300,000 to improve the lives of local citizens. Kirkpatrick explains that the mission of the League is particularly important in West Virginia where the loss of coal mining jobs, as the coal industry wanes, has led to severe economic depression. “We are happy to support any organization that helps,” she said. Along with the gift shop, the League collects used books and donates the proceeds of those sales to schools in the county as well as the library. Along with those efforts, the League continually donates coats to local children in the education system who are in need and hosts teas at local elderly care facilities as well as bingo in the winter. “Truly, I have not seen a group like this anywhere else,” Kirkpatrick said. “It’s a wonderful organization for the county.” The Old Stone House Gift Shop is open year-round.  For more information visit their Facebook website here. For a listing of the multiple charitable organizations they support, click here.


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