“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” – Edgar Degas

My name is Laura Ashley Mapel & the small quiet town of Weirton, West Virginia is my home.

I am a senior at West Virginia University studying Visual Journalism & Geography.

Simply put – I love media & photography..as well as discovering my slight addiction for Instagram, Pinterest & graphics.

My inspiration for my work comes from experiences with my friends, family & beautiful state in which I love.

I have interned for Cabela’s at their Wheeling Distribution Center location revising and creating original training videos for their future outfitters.  This opportunity was one that I will always be thankful for and made for an amazing summer.  It allowed for me to take what I have learned in school and apply it to the real world in multiple ways.

I have experience managing  Twitter, Facebook & a blog for my capstone class (West Virginia Uncovered) @ West Virginia University.  Some highlights from this class include personal blog pieces & aggregating headlines from newspapers all across the state of WV.  It was a wonderful learning experience.

I have had work published on Food Network’s Dish Blog as well as original photos mentioned, retweeted and tweeted by Cabela’s and multiple firearm company’s, including Berretta and The Firearm Blog’s Picture of the Day.

Documentaries are another way of expression that I think can be a very effective way to tell people’s stories.  They are an essential way to communicate with today’s audience.

I also do custom invites and am always sure to use original material to create a beautiful result.

 The ability to connect with viewers is an essential key to understanding the message being conveyed.

I hope to open people’s eyes to the beauty of life.

Please enjoy, be sure to contact or comment with any suggestions & questions.


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