WVU Orchestra Soundscape

This is a soundscape piece I put together for a class project.  Soundscapes are meant to bring the viewer into the place being presented, showing pictures with sounds that correspond to the image being shown.

This particular WVU Orchestra presentation was a recital piece for conductor major Chelsea Corrao.


IPads: Integrating Technology In The Mountain State Education System

This is a published multimedia piece put together for my WVU capstone class.

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Since the 2012/2013 academic year, the students at Bishop Donahue High School, a Catholic high school in McMechen, W.Va., have been learning and doing class work on iPads. The students uses them in their everyday course work, take notes and take exams on the tablets. Continue reading “IPads: Integrating Technology In The Mountain State Education System”

Making Sound Waves in the Mountain State

This is another published multimedia piece from my WVU capstone class, featuring a character sketch.

Morgantown, W. Va. – Steve Fuir is a 2014 graduate of Alderson Broaddus University and earned his Bachelors of Arts in Musical Arts with minors in Audio Engineering and Communications. He has since move to Morgantown and is currently working as an associate at Kroger, a stagehand at The Metropolitan Theatre and a stagehand for Local 578 of The International Allegiance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE). While most West Virginians are likely to move out of state to find jobs, Steve has found that there are many opportunities that lie in Morgantown. He is thankful for the new experiences and many lessons to be learned in his job field, and finds joy in seeing his education and work displayed for the audience to enjoy.

Back to Basics

This published multimedia piece was made for a WVU photojournalism course.

Marlin and Neha Dehoff are both schooled and trained in neuroscience but unfortunately lost funding for both of their projects.  This led to a time of change while they adjusted to a more agrarian, local consumption lifestyle.  Marlin’s background in farming is what they turned to, teaching Neha the tricks of the trade along the way.  After being successful in providing for their home and testing recipes on their neighbors they branched out into the local farmers scene and haven’t looked back since.

I had the privilege of following their Mockingbird Hill’s Farm located in Morgantown, West Virginia for one semester.  This one acre lot of land in the heart of downtown has bloomed into a successful and well loved farm.  They offer many tantilizing temptations including specialty peppers, jams and dried flowers, along with specialty seasonal items.